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Ketamine Infusion Therapy Testimonials

"I can't believe how Kalypso has helped me. I haven't felt this good in years! I am finally able to sleep more than 2 hours a night. And I was so excited to fill out your pre-treatment pain score because for the first time, in a long time, I have ZERO pain!"

N.A., San Antonio, TX


"It is quite surprising actually. Half the nerves in my right foot just seemed to have awakened; and not with stabbing pain, but with normal awareness. There's still some work to do, but I am finally beginning to see how I might be able to see past simple pain management for the first time in a while. Very grateful. Thank you."
N.W., San Antonio, TX


"My pain has greatly reduced. I've been able to stand upright for the first time in 3 years!"

M.G., Pipe Creek, TX



“This treatment has changed me.”
S.H., Shanghai, China


"For the first time in years, I have been able to sleep and can say the depression has lifted. It is so wonderful to be able to feel the difference between being sad and being depressed. Before the infusion, I was beginning to feel like I was just an unhappy person and was discouraged that nothing would help me feel better. I am encouraged to know that ketamine can help my depression if and when it returns."
J.F., San Antonio, TX


"Thank you all! I've been out of the house working and shopping and doing things that felt impossible just two weeks ago. Excited to see how long two infusions gets me, and so grateful to know you are there when I need a booster."

C.K., Austin, TX


"I am deeply grateful to Kalypso Wellness Centers for their ketamine infusions and excellent care. My anxiety has been greatly reduced to manageable levels, something I did not think possible. My quality of life has been very much improved. Thank you, Kalypso!"

C.T., San Antonio, TX


"Ketamine has improved my sleep, decreased my depression, decreased my pain, improved my activity level, made me feel stronger, and decreased my anxiety so much I was able to stop my anxiety medicine. It's been amazing!"

C.W., San Antonio, TX



"My mom hasn't been herself for years now, and I am so thankful for this. The pain in her arms is much better. She feels way happier, and that's worth it in itself! You have no idea."

B.C., San Antonio, TX



"My depression was much better after first infusion."

J.B., Tulsa, TX


"My daughter doesn't need her Lorazepam anymore, her school work and grades have improved, her sleep has improved, and she's less argumentative at home! She's much better after only two infusions! "

T.D., Phoenix, AZ



"My brain feels so much better! My mood is so much better! My mobility is so much better! It has drastically improved my life... thank you! Thank you! Thank you! "

J.R., Spring Branch, TX



"No pain, no headache! Miracle drug! For me, it was like a computer re-booting! It "reset" my circadian rhythm too...waking at 7am and going to bed at 10pm...after 16 years of insomnia! I didn't experience any sleepless nights after my infusion! And my husband thanks you for making me well and getting his wife back!"
S.H., Mobile, AL


"My dental assisting job went very well today. I was able to stand for the whole 4 hours, and my back did not hurt. Before I had to support my arm with my to hold up a mirror for work-ups. I would shake so bad that it was hard to get a good view. Today, I used on hand with no shaking or pain. Thank you Kalypso!"
M.T., San Antonio, TX



"Thank you Kalypso for giving me my life back! After multiple surgeries, I thought I would never be able to be "normal" again. Now I am able to visit my daughter, walk 4 miles/day, and actually WANT to get out and live my life again. Thank you!!"
M.J., San Antonio, TX



"Kalypso and your treatments are magical. My husband is blown away after his treatment and now feels like his brain is "e;normal". After years of depression, we can't thank you enough!"
T.Z., San Antonio, TX



"I feel like you have given me back my life! Wow! I walked 4 miles yesterday in San Fran and 2.5 today in Napa. No pain after all the time flying. I'm sleeping 8 hours, waking up like a normal person, no naps and tons on energy!!"
N.M., San Antonio, TX



"It think I'm gonna cancel my surgery Tuesday. It's about 90% better already. I feel like if it doesn't resolve completely maybe 1 more infusion would do it. I just did box jumps for the first time in about 6 months. It was less than 20, but still more than I have been doing. People need to know about this and I have been spreading the word, especially in the Crossfit community."
S.C., San Antonio, TX



"After three KalyMax treatments, my life has changed. I was able to go back to the gym 5 days a week! My wife said I was a completely different person and that I had my energy and happiness back. I may have never did it though, because I felt so good. I chopped down a pecan tree and hauled 650lbs of wood and hurt my back again. I have already signed up for another treatment because I know this treatment works for my chronic pain. Thank you Kalypso!"
J.J., Bulverde, TX



"My infusion was like magic! I haven't felt this good in forever. I have not had to take my Percocet or Lyrica since I had my infusion. Thank you, Kalypso!!"
M.R., San Antonio, TX



"Doc, I can not believe what my KalyMax infusion did for my arthritic pain. I had my infusion 2 months ago and I have not had to take any of my pain meds since! I am telling everyone about what you guys are doing and how you are helping people!"
M.H., Mobile, AL



"Really, really well! He gets sore, but no pain to speak of. We started weaning medications because he's finding himself over sedated. He's able to have highly rational conversations (yes, this is a huge change). And he's happy. You have no idea how huge this is for us. Thank you guys so, so, so much!"
T.R., The Woodlands, TX



"Thank you, Kalypso for giving me my life back! After multiple surgeries, I thought I would never be able to be "normal" again. Now I am able to visit my daughter, walk 4 miles per day and actually WANT to get out and live my life gain. Thank you!"
M.J., San Antonio, TX



"We just returned from a 5 day vacation. My sister was able to keep up with us, never missing a beat. No pain, sound sleep. KalyMax has renewed her life. Absolutely a miracle treatment! We know so many people whose lives are affected by chronic pain. We have gotten the word out about this life changing treatment. Thank you for helping my sister and so many others!"
T.B., The Woodlands, TX



"I had a Kalypso infusion for my awful menstrual cramps. The infusion took my pain completely away!! I have been suffering every month from this for years. Thanks, Kalypso!"
S.L., San Antonio, TX



"I came in to get my 3rd treatment over the last 2 months. Because of these treatments, I have been able to cut my pain medication.....IN HALF!! And I feel great! Thank you, Kalypso Treatment Centers."
L.R., San Antonio, TX


"I have been able to focus more and have been more productive at work not having to think about my pain. Thank you so much. You guys are awesome. You guys have saved my life."
N.A., San Antonio, TX



“I was able to go to the grocery store for the 1st time in 8 months.  My appetite has increased.  You have saved my life!”
K.C., Dallas, Texas



"For years I couldn’t even get out of the house on weekends.  Just taking a shower caused anxiety, and now I can shower every day!  My attitude and energy are much better too.  My daughter even noticed a big difference over the phone! Thank you Dr. C. Clifton and Don and Kalypso!!”  
B.C., Corpus Christi, TX 



“My quality of life has been GREATLY enhanced”

B.A., San Antonio, TX



“My depressive symptoms and overall mood have improved.” 
F.P., San Antonio, TX 



“I feel like there is not a constant black cloud over me.  I have moments of relief from anxiety and depression that I didn’t have before.”
J.W., San Antonio, TX 



"We've tried everything for 18 months and nothing has helped my nerve pain and depression...you've given us our lives back with just one infusion.” 
C.K., Austin, TX


“It just really helps a lot!  Especially with my feelings of hopelessness and sadness.”  



“I am very happy with how the inflammation has decreased and more so how my sleep has normalized.  (Patient with severe rheumatoid arthritis and Lyme's Disease).” 
M.R., Austin, TX


"After my car accident I was afraid to drive, my Kalypso infusions greatly reduced the fear and anxiety of driving"
 C.M., Boerne , TX



"You can’t begin to understand how Kalypso has helped me deal with my past abuse.  I feel like I can understand my therapy now and I am more productive at work". 
N.A., San Antonio, TX



“My back pain is GONE….and I am barely halfway finished with my infusions!  I am super happy I decided to try Kalypso!!”
L.H., San Antonio, TX


"I had nightmares from Vietnam every night for 40 years, after one infusion they were gone!"
M.H., San Antonio, TX


I had horrible PTSD and anxiety until my treatments with Kalypso.  Now my PTSD and anxiety are cured!  I haven't had any problems with PTSD or anxiety for months!
H.T., Boerne, TX


“Mother noticed that she is much more active than before. Much happier and is able to concentrate better than before. She gave me a million thank you’s and wanted me to express her gratitude to you as well (regarding patient with autism).” 
A.S., Austin, TX



“I haven’t seen my son smile in years.  He was even making jokes again the other night at dinner.  Thank you!!!”
M.G., San Antonio, TX




"After having severe depression for 25 years, I finally have hope and am feeling much better!"  
E.S., San Antonio,n TX




“These infusions have changed my life, even after the first one!!”
D.H., Corpus Christi, TX



“Thanks to Ketamine, I’m able to walk without a cane or walker for the first time in 3 years!  As my doctor put it, getting a Ketamine treatment is an hour escape from my pain.  And it is.  But it’s not just instant relief….long after the treatment, Ketamine continues working in your body.  And it works!”

   T.M., San Antonio, TX


"It has decreased my CRPS pain 75% and I would highly recommend to anyone who is still looking for relief". 
A.S., New Braunfels, TX




"It’s a great way to help with pain control and the staff is great too!
B.O., Helotes, TX



“I have felt more like myself than I have in months.  I was able to play TopGolf with my dad and TRULY enjoy       myself.  Thank you, Dr. Clifton and Kalypso!”
S.J., San Antonio, TX



“Finally, after years, my psychiatrist is able to wean me off of my anti-depression medications so I can try and get pregnant.  I can’t wait to start a family!!!  None of this would have been possible without my Kalypso treatments.”
B.A., San Antonio, TX



“These treatments have changed my life.  I haven’t had to use my walker nearly as much….and I was able to go to HEB by myself for the first time in months.  I can also tell that my mood is much improved!”
T.M., San Antonio, TX

“Thank you for Kalypso Ketamine!  I was able to go on a 6 day cruise and pain was never an issue.  I can’t believe how much fun I had”
#pain #kalypso #wellness
M.D., San Antonio, TX


“I can’t believe how much Kalypso Ketamine has helped my migraines.  I don’t even need to take my Fiorcet anymore!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”
#migraines #kalypso #wellness
R.M., San Antonio, TX


“This is the first time in years I have hope that my pain will finally be better.   I am able to walk my black lab again….AND I was able to start playing the drums again.  Thank you Kalypso!”  #fibromyalgia #pain #PTSD #Kalypso #Wellness

J.S., San Antonio, TX



"For PTSD, it’s nice to see something that actually works!"
M.L., San Antonio, TX




“I have been on a clear liquid diet for 2 months.  But this last week, I was able to go to my favorite restaurant and eat REAL food.   I really think the Kalypso Ketamine allowed me to do this as it has helped my pain so much!”
T.M., San Antonio, TX



“I can’t believe I can have relief for 3 months at a time.  My pain is WAY less, I am more active, and most importantly…..I am happy again.”
M.R., San Antonio, TX





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