Ketamine Infusion Therapy Financing

Kalypso Wellness Centers Financing with UGA


Simplified Financing for the Care You Need TODAY!


Kalypso Wellness Centers is proud to offer treatment financing options through our partnership with UGA Finance.  


UGA has been providing unparalleled quality in consumer finance transactions since 2000.



“ We remain committed to our

mission, providing our customers
with a pleasant experience
before, during and after the
transaction. Our goal is to be
‘Your’ choice finance company
for years to come.”
                        – Jeff Daum, President




Get approved with less-than-perfect credit. Instant approvals let you get the care you need today.

  • Affordable Payment Plans
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Low Interest Plans
  • Multiple Payment Options


With a simplified process and instant access to approvals, there really is no reason to wait.  We look forward to saying, “Yes, you’re approved.”



To learn more contact us at (800) RESET 20.



(800) RESET 20


Ketamine Infusion Certification

Learn more here.

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