Ketamine Certification Program

Ketamine Infusion Treatment Certification

Kalypso Wellness Centers is dedicated to ensuring all of our providers are adequately trained in every aspect of ketamine infusion therapy. We offer a comprehensive training program to all of our partner doctors, nurses, physician assistants, and medical assistants involved in the infusion process. Our training provides a comprehensive review of standard operating policies, hands-on learning of basic principles, standards of use, and all applications of ketamine infusion therapy.

Our providers are instructed on:

  • Patient selection and evaluation for ketamine therapy
  • Pre- and Post- infusion assessments and documentation requirements
  • Equipment requirements necessary for providing ketamine safely
  • Fundamentals of intravenous therapy
  • Patient monitoring requirements for infusion therapy
  • Adverse effects associated with ketamine and how to manage them effectively
  • Contraindications to ketamine therapy
  • The future of ketamine therapy
  • Patients can rest assured our providers are expertly trained and possess all the knowledge needed to help them

RESET…For Life

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